How to make travel enjoyable

How to make travel enjoyable

Icon February 7, 2016
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Travel to where it’s amazing for you. Seriously, the number one killer of enjoyable travel is to go where you think you’re required to go. There’s no such thing as a “sophisticated traveler,” sheeplike following of tourist brochures is the best way to hate what you’re doing.

Know what the number one reason for boring travel is? Not going outside your known and comfort zones. Forget about the things you know, they’re boring. Find something you don’t know. Do things you never did. Cast aside your social, political, religious, familiar, restraints. Go deep. And you’ll enjoy the shit out of it.

I’m a typical westerner. Born into a Judeo-Christian world, raised atheist/Norse, at a time when having a real Sony Walkman was the height of coolness. I started traveling when I was 17, spent time in mud huts along the White Nile when it was dangerous for strangers to even walk around there. I ate amazing food, learned a lot about religion and their branch Islam. I hiked around Nepal and learned to talk with my hand and feet and to eat things I would never have touched before. Tried meditation and lived in a Buddhist monastery for a few weeks. I went to Russia and drank Vodka with grizzled old lumberjacks in Siberia and went fishing with a crazy bunch of ladies in the Black Sea.

I am bored out of my ass in the middle of Rome. Paris makes me want to drill my eyes out when visiting as a tourist. Barcelona is amazing if you go with an open mind, it’s a drudgery when you’re just following tens of thousands of tourists around the six or seven hotspots.

Instead, use travel as a way to challenge yourself, your world views, your concepts of how life should be. Eat, drink, dance, kiss, enjoy. That’s what travel should be, you should come home a completely changed person.

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