Dubai Must Try Street Food

Dubai Must Try Street Food

Icon February 4, 2019
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Dubai Must Try Street Food | Dubai Local Market | Dubai Tour: Dubai may be known as a modern city with malls, shopping center, and fancy restaurants but nothing can beat the taste of its street food. Dubai street food is delicious with many varieties. Here the secret of the best street food culture of Dubai!

Delicious Filipino Cuisine

Veritable Kapampangan Filipino Food! It is a turo-turo eatery with so many selections. The place is cozy and warm. Hot food is delivered nourishing and reminds me of the Philippines. The staffs are friendly. Food is also cheap with a large portion. Mabuhay!

Chicken Tikka at Ravi Restaurant
Special Chicken Tikka –

Old Dubai based people who live from 80s-90s will exactly tell you the taste of chicken Tikka, the best place to visit was Ravi’s place. The earlier ambiance was not so good but now it shows you the new version of Ravi’s Place. Chicken Tikka remains in the best item of their menu. The flavor of chicken Tikka is so amazing and fabulous. The food is very cheap but delicious food.


Samboosa originally came from India and is based on the Indian Samosa. Triangle stuffed pastries are filled with meat, vegetables, cheese, and spices. These are the very tasty snack in India as well as in Dubai. Try out this addictive dish at Satwa for more flavors in Samboosa.

Kebabs at Pars Iranian Kitchen

There are cuisine legends on Iranian Kebabs at PARS lives up to it and how! These kebabs are served with a heap of rice along with mixed pickles and with mint leaves chutney.
These kebabs have amazing quality and quality with well marinated – kebabs are served with free of spices and masala. The chicken is succulent and again mildly spiced. All great meal enjoyed in the traditional Iranian way of sitting cross-legged & eating. The combination will definitely surprise you!

Shawarma and Manakeesh at Al Mallah

Each bite will give you an amazing taste some juicy meat and a satisfying treat for your taste buds. Al Mallah is admired as one of the favorite best Lebanese parties as the shawarmas and manakeesh are addictive as well as they boast on row seats with an amazing view for visitors.

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